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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

to my creepiest fan

this is a page of autographed photographs of celebrities. many of them i’ve never heard of (i guess they’re from american tv), and most of whom seem to be female and prepubescent. it represents the collection of one wendell cowart, who, the site the site also informs us, is an avid collector of the clothes these young starlets wore in their onscreen appearances.

though i was disappointed to realise he's not some greasy middle-aged troglodyte living in a basement, i think you'll agree it's still a disturbing hobby for a teenage schoolboy to have.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

okay wiseguy

i once saw a book of boring postcards
problem is, once you point to something
and say it’s boring
it becomes interesting
even if only in that sense

similarly, the subjects of flickr photo pool
bad architecture
becomes more interesting for being so labelled

some of it though
like the above
will never be anything other than bad

i guess it's meant to be an elephant

Thursday, February 16, 2006

glued to her seat

apologies if you're a devout kippledrome reader
for not having updated in months

but if you commented
i'd know you exist
and perhaps be a more attentive blogger

you get what you pay for biatches
anyway on with the show

don't go here if you have a morbid aversion
to banner ads in spanish showing men sucking cock
or chicks gettin busy with each other

if you're fine with that kinda thing
and wanna get even more weirded out
then you should immediately head on over to
"glued to her seat"

a collection of fairly amateurishly drawn pictures
of scantily clad women with bar stools attached to their bottoms

don't ask me
i only work here

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Friday, December 09, 2005

this could be you!

the four groups of people
the graphic designers of this ad
are unintentionally targetting

1. women who fantasise about having their breasts photographed by a surgeon
2. women who want to photograph a surgeon

3. men who want to be a surgeon because they'll get to take photographs of topless women
4. men who want to be women who fantasise about being photographed topless by a surgeon

ah the internet
thankyou for all you've given me

Thursday, December 08, 2005

the brick which the builders rejected

perhaps inspired by this famous sequence of lego men rolling a joint, the brick testament is stories from the bible illustrated with lego. the site describes its author, the "reverend" brendan powell as "both highly presumptuous and extremely vain". lest the project be taken too seriously, his personal website suggests that jesus's death should be regarded as merely an ancient form of "suicide by cop".

Friday, November 11, 2005

abu ghraib halloween costume for toddlers


i have nothing further to add.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

abstract feeling


Friday, October 14, 2005


An inflatable pupil goes to his inflatable school and is having a really bad day.

Bored in his history lesson he gets up and walks out. Walking down the corridor he sees the inflatable headmaster walking towards him and he pulls a knife out and stabs him. He runs out of the school.

As he gets outside he thinks again "I hate school" and pulls his knife out and stabs the inflatable school. He runs off to his inflatable home.

Two hours later his inflatable mum is knocking at his inflatable bedroom door with the inflatable police.

Panicking, the inflatable boy pulls out the knife and stabs himself.

Later on in the evening he wakes up in the inflatable hospital and sees the headmaster is in the inflatable bed next to him.

Shaking his deflated head more in sorrow than in anger, the headmaster gravely intones:

"You've let me down, you've let the school down but, worst of all, you've let yourself down"

Saturday, October 08, 2005

jfk reloaded

i am an enthusiastic student of the jfk assassination, so it was with some excitement that i read of a freeware (technically orphanware) program that simulates the blessed event, jfk reloaded (available here). it's very limited in scope, the interactive part of the game goes for all of 30 seconds and doesn't allow the player to move. the player is a would-be assassin in the sniper's nest on the 6th floor of the texas school book depository. watching the street below, you see the presidential motorcade turn toward the building, approach, turn again and drive away. you have time to squeeze off 5 or 6 shots before it's over.

you're then presented with a replay from any one of a number of angles, which is followed by a ballistics report, showing the angle and trajectory of each shot in relation to the presidential vehicle. then you're awarded a score, which is by far the most bogus part of the game, because the scoring is based on how closely you duplicate the findings of the warren commission, which everyone (excepting the most rabid of patriots) acknowledges was a government whitewash. as an example, you lose points if the first shot hits the target.

if only there were software crackers who shared my sensibilities that could author a patch which allowed shooting from three other positions and based scoring on getting the job done. the company responsible for the program's release last year has apparently gone into hiding, so there's no use hoping that they'll issue it. while the agenda of the program is to support the implausible warren commission findings, in its realism it actually does the opposite. the logistics of the whole event as it actually happened (and as made more obvious by this 3d representation) much more strongly suggest that indeed the fatal head shot most likely came from the famous grassy knoll.

more info here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Schhh... You Know Xero.

slogan generator